Junior Community Manager

Gdansk, Poland, Full-time

Dataedo is a modern data catalog and database documentation tool with a global client base. Our goal is to help organizations understand their ever-growing data assets in this unprecedented data revolution that is unfolding before our eyes.

We are looking for an outgoing person with good understanding of social media, Internet and basic knowledge of IT, software development and databases for a position of:

Junior Community Manager (software)

As a community manager you will:

  • Promote our content (https://dataedo.com/blog, https://dataedo.com/kb) on social media and forums (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.)
  • Analyze traffic and article conversion
  • Optimize web forms, links, and call-to-actions
  • Work closely with content creation team to focus on best performing content
  • Search for articles, news, updates or tips that you can share and promote
  • Engage in IT/data community conversations
  • Constantly look for new places and ways to promote our content

Our ideal community manager:

  • Has a great understanding of the Internet, digital marketing, online communities, social networks etc.
  • Has at least basic knowledge of IT, software development and relational databases
  • Loves to learn new things and does it instinctively
  • Is fluent in written English

With your application for this job please send us your answers for the following:

  1. What digital marketing metrics you know and which you think are important for digital products.
  2. How can you measure article conversion and how you can improve it.
  3. List a few methods of promoting digital content online.
  4. List online forums for database developers that you can find.
  5. List most popular relational database engines (minimum 5).
  6. List a few key elements of relational databases with their purpose (e.g. tables).
  7. After doing a quick research tell us who you think in modern organizations is responsible for a) data modeling and b) reporting and analytics.