Accuro Health Insurance

Accuro Health Insurance is a non-profit health insurance provider located in Wellington, New Zealand. It is a small organization with ICT team consisting of 2 software developers and a business intelligence analyst. The ICT team manages and further develops a core membership system, web portal and a small data warehouse. They are all bespoke systems; hence their knowledge represents significant value for the organisation. If any of the ICT team members left the company, naturally this would result in a considerable loss of intellectual property which was recognized as a significant risk at senior leadership level.

To mitigate this risk Accuro first considered developing a documentation tool in-house. However, it was soon concluded that there were a number of affordable off the shelf solutions that would meet Accuro’s needs. After conducting market research, Accuro narrowed their options down to three solutions. In the end Dataedo came out as winner based on competitive price, but mainly features that other products were lacking.

Apart from preserving knowledge of Accuro’s core systems, Dataedo also allows the ICT team to share and communicate ongoing changes and additions to their systems. Having the DB back end documented makes life easier for the ICT team and they are less depended on each other. The benefits, of course, extend to any third parties that Accuro might engage with, the metadata about Accuro’s systems will be a priceless source of information for them.

Lenka Horanska
Business Intelligence Analyst