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    Release notes 7.0.0 beta


    PostgreSQL support preview

    In Dataedo 7 we're working on support from new data sources.

    In 7.0 beta we have added initial support for long awaited PostgreSQL.

    Postgres preview

    You can connect and import metadata of:

    • tables

      • table columns
      • primary keys
      • relations
      • triggers
    • views

      • view columns
      • view script
      • view dependencies
    • materialized views (shown in the same branch as standard views)

      • materialized view script
    • functions

      • function parameters

    We will support PostgreSQL from version 9.3 onwards.

    If you run into any issues with connecting or importing from Postgres using the beta version, please do contact us.

    Known issues we are still working on:

    • length of data type is not imported
    • materialized views use the same icon as standard views
    • materialized view columns are not imported
    • rules are not imported
    • trigger functions are grouped with standard functions
    • dependencies are imported only from views

    Repository changes

    Dataedo 7.0 beta requires a repository upgrade.

    Note that upgrading a repository to version 7.0 will make it incompatible with version 6.

    Testing beta

    Please create a separate repository for testing Dataedo 7.0 beta.

    You can install Dataedo 7.0 programs in parallel with existing Dataedo 6. Both will be in separate folders.

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