Discover and document table relationships

Do you know table relationships in your databases?

We did a research and it turned out that 75% of databases don't have foreign keys. This is also the case for major applications from leading vendors. Chance is your databases are also missing foreign keys and without them it is often difficult to understand data model and table relationships. And without that it is very hard and risky to do any reporting, BI or database development.

Import existing keys and define the missing ones

Dataedo reads foreign keys form database schema to the repository and saves this information in its repository. Users are able to add missing foreign keys for documentation purposes directly in the repository without interfering with the database. This gives consistent definition of relationships between tables in your database.

Document views relationships too

You can define relationships not only between tables but views too.

Graphical and tabular view

Dataedo keeps one consistent data model for table relationships for diagrams and data dictionary and allows you to access the same information in multiple views.

Table of columns:

Table of relations:

Cross-database relationships

What makes Dataedo stand out from other tools is the ability to define cross-database table relationships which are not supported by many DBMS platforms.

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"Dataedo helped us document a third-party database that did not follow DB best practices. It didn't have any foreign keys, and Dataedo helped us track relationships and made data easier to find. The tool is helping us be more consistent with our integration, and it's helping developers with less experience find the data that they are looking for. It is regularly used by all our developers for all our own and third-party databases. I would recommend the tool to anyone with a similar issue to solve."

Jeffrey Rempel
Software Developer
Friesens Corporation