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    Piotr Kononow - Dataedo Team Piotr Kononow 2018-06-18 2019-02-19


    Our commenting/contribution feature will be similar to the one in MS Word and social media - you will be able to add comments to objects (e.g. table, procedure, etc):

    Comments will have simple 2 level hierarchy - users will be able to ad sub-comments to top level comments.

    Top level comments would be open (black) by default and users will be able to close them (gray).

    Open comments are counted throughout application:


    Multiple users will be able to contribute and there will be 3 tiers of permissins in the repository:

    1. Editor - can edit documentation, comment and close comments
    2. Contributor - can view documentation, b. comment, respond to comments and close own comments
    3. Viewer - view only access to documenation and comments

    Viewer license

    We will introduce cost effective Viewer license that will grant you access to Contributor and Viewer roles.


    Comments will not be exported to PDF, HTML and Excel.

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