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    Permissions/Access control

    Piotr Kononow - Dataedo Team Piotr Kononow 2017-08-20 2019-02-19

    Although Dataedo is a straightforward tool you can use to help your project or database in minutes, we want it to be suitable for large organizations and environments. And in such environments access control plays important role.

    We are presenting here early stage vision for permissions management.

    Repository Permissions

    First, we want to overhaul permissions to repository. Currently there are two levels: admin and user. We would like to extend it to:

    • User
    • Power user - can add new databases
    • Admin - manages users

    Database Permissions

    Key improvement would be around access control for specific documentation/database in the repository. Each user would have access level for each database:

    • No access - not visible
    • Read only - has read only access to the documentation
    • Read/Write - can update descriptions and other manual metadata, but can't perform schema update from the database
    • Read/Write/Update - can update descriptions and perform schema update

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